Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween decorations

Hello!  I am so happy it is Friday!  I have plans to go painting with a twist tonight and I am so excited!!  We are suppose to be painting two cute owls in a tree and let me say that I cannot draw to save my life and so I really hope that they give you a drawn sketch to paint or I am afraid that I could end up with something other than owls:)  Every year my kids ask if we are going to decorate for Halloween and every year we put out pumpkins and a few small decorations around the house but apparently they want more decorations!  I figure by the time they are ready to move out I might have it down but in the meantime we collect a few new decorations every year to add to the existing collection.  This year we added a skeleton that is coming out of the ground for the front lawn along with some ghosts for the tree (which the new puppy has already gotten hold of one of them, who knew he jump that high).  I also found this fun paper mache witch's hat at my local craft store and decided to decorate it. 
I think it turned out pretty well!  Here is a photo of my entry way this year we are hoping to add a few more spooky items to it next year.
Have a great weekend!


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callyannc said...

This is a great hat! I love it! To fun on the decor! TFS CallyAnn